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Reparations: Apprehensive - The Gods of Reed

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Previous Entry Reparations: Apprehensive Apr. 22nd, 2013 @ 02:00 am

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Chapter 25: Reparations


Caleb stood in the rain, letting the water plaster his hair to his forehead and sting his eyes. He hadn't cut his hair since he arrived and it showed. It was long enough for a stumpy pony tail in the back. His clothes were soaked through, his shoes squeaked as he shifted his weight. It was a harsh winter rain, with a chill wind besides. He wore only jeans and a faded t-shirt, which did nothing to protect him.

But he did not feel cold. He knew he should, but somehow didn't. He was either too numb to feel it anymore or he was in the middle of a dream. He couldn't remember why he stood out in the rain so the latter seemed likely. Why was it raining so harsh? Had he fallen asleep outside again?

The rain felt cleansing, washing away some internal strife he didn't know he had. Or maybe his ignorance. At least some of it. He hoped it would deter the local denizens. He doubted it would. They enjoyed stalking him too much, giving out bits and drabs of information like a precious commodity.

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