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Reparations: Pushing Boundaries - The Gods of Reed

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Chapter 25: Reparations

Pushing Boundaries

Dierdre said nothing more. They sat in mutual silence until Dierdre left him to the cold. Caleb stayed outside long enough for the chill to seep into him, then went back into Commons for a snack before they closed down for the night. The warmth of the dining hall had trouble expelling the ingrained chill. It felt good, though Caleb couldn't explain why. It was familiar, it reminded him he was still alive.

He took his coffee and grilled cheese sandwich out to find a table, and found Rocky in the back corner. He sat alone in the nearly empty hall, staring out the window. He looked haggard and weary. A plate of untouched fries were in front of him, as well as an unopened notebook. Caleb almost didn't want to disturb him; he could guess what weighed on his mind.

Rocky probably didn't want him to help, anymore than Dierdre did. Or Alexis herself, for that matter. Why should he push it? Was he doing it for Alexis, or for himself. A little of both, if he was honest. But if Tomaq had information --- if he knew what Q had once known --- he doubted Rocky or W.S. would ask him about it. He walked up to the table with his coffee and warm sandwich and sat down across from Rocky.

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