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Reparations: A Curtain of Rain - The Gods of Reed

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Chapter 25: Reparations

A Curtain of Rain

Caleb didn't know where he would find Rocky, anymore than he knew where to find W.S. Or Tomaq, for that matter. He sat beneath the covered concrete patio outside Commons and stared out at the steady rain. It was already dark, and a bit cold, but Caleb pretended not to notice. It felt good to breath clean air.

He ran his hands through his hair. It was getting shaggy and long --- he hadn't gotten a haircut in months. Possibly not since he arrived at Reed. His hair was long enough to put into a ponytail. Soon it would look like Tomaq's. Caleb shoved his bangs out of his eyes and made a note to get a haircut over the weekend.

Even if he knew where Rocky studied or where his dorm was, he wouldn't necessarily be there. Not after what happened that morning with Alexis. Both W.S. and Rocky may still be with her. In theory, he could wait until the morning to ask W.S., but he didn't want to ask W.S. about Tomaq. He didn't want to bring up anything to do with that subject. She was still a little touchy around him, even if she did agree to teach him.

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