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Reparations: Fragile Connections - The Gods of Reed

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Chapter 25: Reparations

Fragile Connections

Caleb walked over to Commons with Ariana, a little early for dinner but he'd skipped lunch doing homework. They didn't say much during the walk over. Caleb felt too brain dead to string coherent sentences, trying to connect his reading to cogent thoughts for his physics class. He promised himself he wouldn't miss anymore classes this week.

They ran into Aiden and Rose getting food, and joined Miles and Dierdre at the table. Caleb wondered if they usually arrived at Commons early to avoid the dinner crowd. "Hello, you two." Dierdre smiled. "And how was your afternoon?" She smiled as if she was in on a conspiracy.

Ariana scowled at her insinuation, and pointedly sat on the opposite side of the table from Caleb.

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