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Reparations: Unwanted - The Gods of Reed

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Chapter 25: Reparations


Caleb's lungs burned and his legs felt ready to buckle. He hadn't been working that hard, they'd just finished the beginning forms. And yet he felt as bad as if he'd been through one of Tomaq's more strenuous workouts. W.S. pretended not to notice today, perhaps punishing Caleb for not taking her advice. Or maybe she couldn't be bothered to care. Caleb couldn't tell.

"W.S.!" Rocky bounded down the hill, nearly falling over in the process. Caleb bent over double trying to regain his breath. W.S. turned to watch Rocky half-slide on the wet grass. "W.S.," he panted again. He looked almost as bad as Caleb; he wasn't used to moving so quickly. "Alexis, she's... you have to come talk to her."

W.S. nodded and started toward Alexis' dorm with Rocky. Caleb stood up to follow, but W.S. saw his intention. She turned to him with a sharp look that needed no interpretation. Caleb backed a step, and she started up the hill with Rocky.

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